Author Topic: WS on Linux: Screens of WS7d & WSWin Wine Patches  (Read 5166 times)


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WS on Linux: Screens of WS7d & WSWin Wine Patches
« on: December 28, 2003, 03:15:14 AM »
For those of you who are like me and need to be able to continue using WordStar as you always have used it regardless of what MS would like, you may be interested in a couple of announcements.

Screen Shots of WordStar

I've uploaded some screen shots of my WS7d running under Dosemu/Linux. See

The windows I'm running WordStar in are transparent and 80x40, but both the size and opacity can be easily altered. If you've set custom colors for your WS, that's what you get when using an opaque window.

Linux has had the ability to do transparent windows for years, and even my earliest Linux installations can do that. MS is hoping to be able to do that with their release of Longhorn sometime in 2005 or 2006 (they keep changing the dates).

I'm using FreeDOS which came with Dosemu, but you can use any DOS you have a license for. You can put your installation of WS anywhere you like on your machine. If you are using an early WS that requires FCBS, just make sure that you set that in your config.sys.

If your DOS applications work under DOS on your current machine, they will work under Dosemu/DOS because you will be running them in a pure DOS environment. WS has no problems with my machine which is a Pentium IV running at 1.7GHz.

Wine Patches for WordStar for Windows

I've been working with a developer to solve the remaining problems of running WSWin2 under Wine/Linux, and we believe we have produced patches that solve all the problems. If you are interested in this, you can contact me at or join the WS/Linux mailing list where the details of what to do are being presented. For information on joining the WS/Linux mailing list, see

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