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WordStar Users Group Community Site -- New Address
« on: April 30, 2004, 08:17:04 PM »
The WordStar Users Group Community Site is now at a new address. It can be found at

The old address,, should also take you there.

The WordStar Users Group Community pages look different than before, so you may need to reload the page in case your computer is using a cached copy instead of the new one.

Some of the features include individual journals or blogs, the ability to submit articles, a place to review software, computer components, and books, a link farm where folks can put up links to their personal or business web sites, and a few other things. Every feature allows for others to add comments, put up a survey or poll, and develop a thread when there's interest.

Registering is necessary if you want to post comments. But you may submit news, such as having copies of WordStar to sell, without registering.

Registering is free. Just create an account and then login.

Once registered, you get a personal page, sort of like a little office space at the community center, where you can change your personal information, customize the look of the site when you log in and visit, look at your private messages, and access your journal or blog.

Check it out.

deedee  :)
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