Author Topic: WSedit and Martins Editor 1.0 beta test for Windows, Macintosh and Linux  (Read 2793 times)

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after long time of waiting, the Lazarus-Freepascal programming environment is stable enough to publish Linux and Macintosh versions of WSedit and ME. WSedit is a Wordstar DOS 4 like editor with Wordstar keyset and reading WS4-7 files. ME is a substitute for a basic text editor like Notepad, also with Wordstar keyset. ME reads and writes now UTF8 text files.

Even I ported my programs from one Delphi-like programming environment to another, it was really hard work. 60.000 Lines of source code had to be slightly modified. Now the first beta versions are available. I need your feedback to find the bugs on the meanwhile four OS-specific versions (Windows, OS/2, Macintosh, Linux) of two different programs, two languages (english and german) and two programming environments. The OS/2 version rests on the old one (WDsibyl), the other three OS are supported by the new one (Freepascal-Lazarus).

Here is my new beta download page:

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Saturday, July 24, 2010

My early reactions on all four operating systems running a real world test today using a process I do every Friday.

OS X Leopard - neither will run - I have fed the error message to Martin.

WinXP - WSedit runs but opening the settings dialogue causes a crash - as does too may line deletes
            ME works as advertized

OS/2 works as before for both programs.

Linux - Ubuntu in my case - works just like it does under OS/2 - spell checking up and running.  With both programs I did have to run chmod +x on the files to make the system see them as programs.