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WS6 || WinAll
« on: March 07, 2010, 08:43:22 PM »
I have WS6 running on all versions of Windows.  Use WS6 every day on Win2K and XPPro --less frequently on old Win9X computers.  Have been able to use it experimentally on Win7 Ultimate (not my preferred OS however).

I use several other DOS programs with WS6, including a quick and dirty file management program call DF.  Laplink 3.  FFF (a file finder), LCD (a directory changer) and batch programs (have not been able to use other DOS programs and batch under Win7).

I've found the trick to running these programs under Win2K & XP is to keep WS and other dos programs on a fat32 partition -- WS6 will run on NTFS but won't be able to run some of the other dos programs from the WS menu.  And it helps to add directories to the System ||Environment || Path.  Win7 is hostile to Fat32, which is one of the (many) reasons I'm sticking with XP.

And yes I can cut and paste between WS6 and Win programs.  Also work on files across my network.  Rightclick on the desktop icon || Options, check boxes for quick edit and insert.  This allows you to select text in WS (select then enter = copy || right click pastes test to cursor.  Sometimes you get get multiple pastes when you longer on the right click mouse button.  The selected text goes to the clipboard so it can be pased into other Win programs via the usual Ctrl-V.

On new computers I repartition (I usually use 4 partitions) format C: Fat32 and install XP on F:

I put WS6 on C:\ws6.

On one or two (Dell notebook) computers I've had a problem with Fat32 on C, so I use a partitioning tool to shrink C, keep XP on C, and then add a new fat 32 partition for WS and other Dos programs -- as long as I make appropriate changes in the Path, works fine.  Takes some tinkering.  (The Dell I'm using now has WS6 on G:)

I use HP Laserjets (with postscript) to print, w/ the WS postscript printer definition file.  The biggest problem with new computers is NO parallel port=no lpt1.  There are workarounds to printing via USB, but the USB to parallel does not work for dos programs (in my experience, that is).  So on newer desktops I install a PCI parallel printer port.  I no longer use any notebooks to print from WS -- but that's ok since I transfer everything to my main desktop server.

So far, so good.  Good old workhorse of a program.  The funny thing is, I don't think I ever bought a copy -- other than the copies that came bundled on an old typewriter/wordprocessor (my have been WS3...) and the copy that came bundled with my original 'portable' (ie, luggable) computer, a KayPro 4, with WS4 and DataStar (yes, I'm still using the DS database, too)...I may have bought a copy of WS7 -- it's on my computers, but I rarely use it.  I also have WSWIN 2, also rarely used.
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