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Wordstar 3.31 Complete for DOS
« on: January 29, 2006, 12:19:34 AM »
This version is essentially identical to my other post of Wordstar for sale, except this includes Mailmerge, Correctstar and Starindex.

As with my other post, all books and content are new, never used. The 5/14" diskettes are sealed, never used or touched.

This is virtually new, still in the big black box. The box has been opened, but all books are there and unused. The box itself is like new, other than a few small scratches on corners. The 5 1/4" diskettes are unused. Included are:
-Wordstar Training Guide
-Wordstar Reference and Installation Manual.
-Mailmerge, Correctstar, & Starindex Manuals
- plastic container with five 5 1/4" diskettes (seal is unbroken)
- All miscellaneous new software material (reference card,
      registration card to mail in, etc.)
The contents are as they were in 1983. New.

I can't guarantee the diskettes, as they have been in a plastic folder for 23 years and I have no way to check them anyway. there would be no return on this, as all I have is the material and can't confirm that it really works.

This software could be used (assuming diskettes are okay) or part of a computing museum. Wordstar copies this new are rare.

If interested, let me know. I'm not in the selling business, so I don't know what it would cost me to have it packed for shipment.