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WordStar Screenshots - Dosemu
« on: June 14, 2005, 07:50:27 PM »
Some time ago I put up screenshots of WordStar 7D running in a dosemu terminal on the WordStar & GNU/Linux web site ( Someone on the WordStar Users Group Mailing List ( noted font issues that I personally don't care about, but which are important to other WordStar users like him.

Since there are fewer issues with running DOS applications from a window versus a terminal or VC, it was on my to-do list to also show shots of WS in an xdosemu DOS window (or DOS in a box).

Anyway, I'm reorganizing WordStar & GNU/Linux and have put up a separate gallery for showing screenshots. This is still a work in progress, so the URLs may change. However, along with the terminal shots, I have put up the "DOS in a box" shots, which I believe show WordStar in a way that most folks expect. When running dosemu from the xdosemu command (as opposed to the dosemu command which needs to be run in a terminal or VC), you should find very few configuration issues.

Don't bother with trying to log in or comment or anything. I haven't activated any of that yet.

When running the dosemu command (i.e., in a terminal or VC), there can be a number of configuration issues depending on your special needs, especially concerning the mouse, video display, and character sets. I like terminals, because I can size and make them transparent. In all the shots, I have gone with the defaults except for sizing and transparency in the terminals. Otherwise, it would display the white type on a blue background which is the default WordStar color scheme.

When you press on a thumbnail, an intermediate-sized image appears. If that image is still too small for good visibility on your screen, you can click the image to get a full-sized image in a popup window. Your browser can't be set to prevent popups to see the full-sized image. Most browsers will let you make exceptions for the popups you want.

If you have screenshots of your WordStar installation that you'd like to share, please send them to me. Tell me what kind of system you're running it on. WordStar 2000, too. Once I get the WordStar and GNU/Linux web site reorganized and changed over and a few other things that are still pending on my to-do list caught up, I will get up shots of WSWin2 under Wine.

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