Author Topic: Looking for WSWin2 Users with Wine  (Read 4430 times)


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Looking for WSWin2 Users with Wine
« on: November 09, 2003, 03:41:48 AM »
I'm working with a wine developer on solving the last (I hope) major problem that I have had with using WSWin2 on a Linux system under Wine -- the loss of the mouse in the text portion of the WSWin window. I have use of the mouse for navigating the menus. However, I cannot select text, nor can I navigate to a child frame or insert a child frame with the mouse using the September and October releases of wine.

I raised this issue on a wine-users mailing list and attracted the interest of one of the wine developers. He had no difficulty in installing WSWin2 and using it, but like me he was unable to use the mouse in the text window with it.

He has asked me for a lot of information, which I'm supplying him. However, it made me wonder about what happened with others of you who tried to use WSWin2 under wine/Linux.

So I'm sending this, or posting it, to a bunch of lists.

What Linux distributions were you using when you tried (the name and release number of the distribution, e.g., SuSE8.2)? What wine releases did you try (those are identified by dates -- month and year should be close enough)? Were you able to get WSWin2 to work at all? Do you remember what you could and couldn't do?

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